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Traffic exchange sites have been around a while and today there are more of them, not less, so they are functioning for enough webmasters to be a worthwhile addition to promotional efforts. As with every kind of site, they come and go, but some have stood the test of time, others are new but will definitely go places. The basic principle is that you exchange time spent surfing on other people's pages (usually about 20 seconds per page) for having them surf yours.

Clearly, to take advantage of this system, the page you use should load fast, tell the visitor your message and give a clear call to action. I started out thinking I would simply click as required but was unlikely to see anything interesting - it was worth participating to get hits for my page.

In fact, I regularly find very interesting pages on traffic exchange sites and have benefited from several of them! Of course there are plenty that aren't interesting but it doesn't matter if in return for taking a look at theirs you are getting to show off your site or page to everyone on the exchange.

hit exchange secretsOne of the few e-biz publications that I have come across that I still would have bought after I finished reading it (and following the advice given) is Tony Tezak's "Traffic Exchange Secrets: A Surfer's Manual". Tony and other successful online business trainers have collaborated to produce a genuinely useful manual.
Here are some traffic exchanges of which I am a member - I cannot speak on the ones I haven't joined - most of these came recommended and a couple I just liked the look of... placed in the order I rate  them, best first:

Manual Surfing








Auto Surfing

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