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It is important to know as much about the behaviour of visitors to your site as possible, to enable you to make timely improvements and maximise the advantages you have. Proper site statistics take the guesswork out of it. There is a range of software that enables you to take care of this.

WebCEO is the best around, as far as we are concerned, and you can download the Free edition here! There are also some free, albeit somewhat limited when compared to the commercial services offered, site-tracking services available from various entities:

If you'd like to include either of these page rank buttons on one or more pages in your website, you can collect the code from - it's free. Have you seen the one on our homepage? This link will open it in a new window if you'd like to see it in action.

StatCounter offer a commercial website monitoring and statistic service but they also offer free statistics on your last 100 visitors to anyone who would like them in a very readable and understandable way. You can have visible or invisible 'hit' counters and, provided you log in to look at your statistics often enough, you'll be almost as well provided for as a commercial customer.'s directory of providers of site statistic services includes several excellent ones.

OneStat also offer a free statistical service to small websites.

TamingTheBeast have a similar service to offer and plenty of information about why you need one!

SiteUptime - Free Website Monitoring Service provides free website monitoring services. Their FAQ gives plenty of information.

Free Website Counters and website statistics services. ... The eXTReMe Tracker is an elegant solution for tracking and monitoring the visitors to your website.

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