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Once your website is completed and published to the World Wide Web, you will want to make sure lots of people know you're there and find out how the is doing and there are various ways to evaluate that. If you are serious about using your website as a marketing tool, you'll probably want professional software and services and be prepared to pay for them.

WebCEO is, in our opinion,  is the out and out best software and, as always when we really like something, we've become affiliates of the company so that we can offer you the opportunity to download the Free Edition and, from there, you can decide whether to stick with the free edition, purchase the top-of-the-range package or avail yourself of any of the solutions between those two extremes, according to your needs.

Don't want to be that efficient and businesslike? You'll still want a way to find out how well you're doing, sooner or later, and there are many who feel that the Google Page Rank system is a good yardstick of success as a webmaster. If you want to know what your website's ranking is you can always check here:

Some of the companies that specialise in submitting other people's websites to search engines offer good advice on post-publication strategy.

InternetMarketingWebsites is one such outfit and their advice is as sound for small sites as large ones, with certain exceptions which we like to think you can figure out for yourself if you've come this far!

search engine submission by search engine promotion by search engine marketing by

If you feel you need some traffic to get flow to your website started, you may want to submit your website URL (address) to some search engines yourself. Some of the big companies who do this job for major websites also offer a lesser service free to small websites.

iNeedHits offers free submission of your URL to 20 search engines.

AddMe do the same sort of thing but have been going since 1996 and have rather more to offer besides just submitting your site to search engines.

Add your URL to Google yourself. It's quite easy but, before you do, make sure that your site is ready to be crawled... try this:

XenuThis natty little piece of freeware (free software) will crawl your site (just as Google's natty software is going to) and will tell you what condition all your links are in, which of your pages times out and so on.


Splash Page Brander


Unlimited Autoresponders by AWeber

This is the absolute cream of automated e-mail systems for getting your site visitors to opt into a regular newsletter or press-release list and getting that list serviced smoothly and rapidly. If you are thinking spam, FORGET IT! You would be caught and disbarred from using the system straight away. This is for building a legitimate double opt-in list only, through links on your site or in e-mails to people who are already part of your circle.


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