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Splash Page Brander

If you'd prefer a professional-looking template at a sensible price (there are even a few free ones!) that you can use as it is or adapt at will, visit our huge Monster Template Store and look at thousands of options created by top website designers worldwide.
LWA Software Mall Have a wander around our software mall and try out the software from one or more of the authors with whom we are proud to be affiliated. Several offer excellent web-authoring software. Can't spare the cash for any software? Nip over to Honor Mission's Fun With Freeware review site and see if anything there takes your fancy or try asking any of the major search engines for 'free website creation software' or website creation freeware'.

216 Web-safe Colors

Here's a handy colour picker that offers you 256 web-safe colours to play with (they don't look completely different on different browsers as some colours do).

Get your own Calendar HERE
Want to include an availability calendar for a rental property or for a band doing live concerts, team season or whatever?
Free META Tag Help Analyzer Don't really understand Meta-tags? Try this website for help.


Want to be able to include a Google search box on your site like that one?


Just in case of trouble, here's an excellent File Recovery Software that is completely FREE, although donations are welcomed by the author...




How would you like some snazzy 3D headings for your pages? You can create them very easily with the little interface below - try it out for yourself, it's great fun!


Link To

Now that your site is ready to publish, you'll need to get it hosted by a server...try the one we use. If we thought there was a better one we'd be with them :-)

Here's a free classified ad site you can join to tell the world about your new site - remember to hone your text to fit 100 characters including spaces before you sign up. Writing copy requires calm and thought. Write a few different messages that add up to 100 characters or less (most free ad sites have a limit) and try them out on your nearest and dearest to see which one they think is best. Better still, try them out on someone who doesn't have a clue what you are advertising before they read the message and then ask what they think you are offering...


If you plan to communicate a set of information via a series of e-mails to members of an opt-in mailing list, a tutorial for example, or to ask people to contact you in order to receive something from you - an e-book, a program or a password with which to enter a restricted area of your website for instance, you can either hover around your inbox and answer requests as they come in or you can use an auto-responder to handle it.

This is the program we use. You can use their message or replace it with your own, as we do, and open as many accounts as you need. It's all completely free! They offer various products and services for sale and appreciate it if you purchase one or more to help them support the free services they give to an ever-increasing webmaster community.

Affiliate marketing is big business for a few affiliates and merchants and a steady but low trickle for the rest. You must have your own domain and web host to qualify as a network affiliate with most outfits. Here are some of those with which we have been involved (and still are, to one degree or another).
Whether you are selling one or more products and would like to find affiliates to advertise your goods on their sites or you are a webmaster looking for products to sell on commission, this is an excellent place to look for unusual and international items. This is the best place to find Australian merchants and there are plenty from the UK and USA too, mainly from medium-sized to small businesses.

This is another excellent place to find merchants with products to sell on your site or affiliates who will put your products on their sites. ShareASale is a particularly popular network with professional affiliate marketers.
There is a lot to be said for signing up with more than one affiliate network, as they do not all have the same merchants registered with them or all the same affiliates either.

However, make sure this is a slow process, familiarising yourself with the workings of each network before you add another, or you may confuse yourself and make a rod for your own back instead of a profit...

Join LinkConnector Network Now! If your website is a sideline to your real income source, the best advice is to pick one network and stick with it. If, on the other hand, you intend to make your living from marketing on the Internet, you may not want to place all your eggs in one basket - it would make sense to have a contingency plan in place at all times and to diversify, spread the burden and be prepared for immediate action if the worst should happen to one of the merchants or networks that you have been involved with over a period. Such failures are rare but they do occur.
Partner with hundreds of the web's leading merchants. That advice is given out of hard experience. Don't let anyone fool you into thinking you can just chuck a ton of links into your site, forget about them and watch the cash roll in. Links need husbanding like any other commodity.

Our relationship with LinkShare goes back to 1998, on and off. This is a very professionally run network and with mainly high quality merchants who are pretty fussy. Make sure you read all the terms and conditions before signing up to each merchant with any and all networks. A good reputation can take years to build but be lost overnight. A bad reputation can spread faster than a brush fire and take a lifetime to overcome... Make sure you will always be welcomed back anywhere you have been before.


(Available for US-based businesses only)

Want to use a FavIcon (the little personalized icon that comes up on the address bar on lots of sites these days)? Generate one online for free at DynamicDrive!


More links coming soon! Meanwhile, check out our favourite PIM (Personal Information Manager)
All too much like hard work? Let us build your site and take a load off!

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