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Linnet Woods Associates is a group of websites made (with a couple of exceptions) by, or in collaboration with, me, Linnet Woods - a person, although my name sounds like a place - and originally grouped on three floors, ground, first and basement, so far... My original home page is the ground floor and you will see a staircase/lift shaft in the middle of the page where you can choose to go up or down to other floors. Further down this page, what there is to see is listed by floor.

You are very welcome to roam around and visit any or all of the sites, excepting the one marked private and that is password protected anyway - it's a dull set of documents being kept out of public view so we cannot be accused of trying to influence the outcome of a dull court case.

Not all the websites I have built are represented here but enough to keep most visitors amused and occupied for an hour or two and considerably longer, judging by some of the e-mails I have received from people who are cross because they are still up and reading at three and four in the morning and tomorrow is a work day... There is also a page of links to websites that I like visiting but that otherwise have nothing to do with me in the 'webmastery' sense..

What Is There To See?

Since I changed the format of the new home page, everything is still as described below if you start your journey from my original homepage but can also be accessed in other ways too various to be described here. The one major thing that has changed since I changed the home page is the creation of the Twitterhood website an ongoing project that has been open since the first week of April 2009.

Ground Floor

LWA Shopping Malls: Three of the malls have been open since 2005. The national stores are designed to be used only by residents of the country concerned (it would be impossible to offer free shipping and that sort of thing otherwise) and the software mall is international. Three are online and two more are coming eventually...

LWA Software Mall So far this mall has one hall on each of six floors and will be expanding gradually. In total, there are about 100 'stores' offering software I think is worthy of inclusion.
LWA UK Shopping Mall Like the software mall, this one is on six floors and has one hall on each floor so far, but these stores are selling everything from pots and pans to luxury cruises.
LWA US Shopping Mall This mall is on six floors but is gigantic! There are 6 main halls and 85 departments, so far, and over 1400 stores, with more being added regularly!

Honor Mission's Fun With Freeware: Reviews of freeware programs and links to sites from which they can be downloaded. Explanations of the different kinds of software and some advice for those who are new to installing software.

Electronic Book World: (Soon to be re-launched as Sailor Books) Our book shop with the emphasis on books in which we are interested ourselves, so there is a Nautical section, a Drums and Drumming section, a Learn Spanish section, the For Dummies series and the Complete Idiot's Guide series plus the works of John Grisham, Davis Baldacci and Tom Sharpe so far...

Soane Fine Art Consultants: Pages on Important 18th Century English and Continental Furniture plus bookstores, print and poster stores.

MarineZine: A free online nautical magazine with three hundred pages in each of two issues due to be revamped and re-launched soon.

LWA Web Design: Where prospective clients for my services as a website designer and creator can find out what I do and also what I do not do...

Leopard Normand III: A site about the yacht that we live aboard, travel around on and charter with.

LWA Tools For Webmasters is a group of useful tools that you can use to analyse and improve your website.

Computer Wiz: Resources for computer users - information, advice and links to help with troubleshooting problem computers, explanations of different types of hardware and software, tutorials, hints and tips.

Staccato Drums: It's a long story but the short end of it is that this site is there to enable customers for Pat Townshend's Staccato drums, which are going back into production after a couple of decades on the back burner, to reach him, through us.

Visual Link Spanish: This site is the exception on this floor - I had no part in creating it - but I used to teach Spanish and looked around for a good site to recommend to the students I was leaving behind as well as to anyone else who came to ask for advice on the matter. When I found Visual Link Spanish I applied to become an affiliate and was fortunate to be accepted.

The button marked 'Private' was explained above and the one opposite takes you to the Adobe software store we run in association with - well, we have to try and earn enough to pay for the web hosting, at least, however inexpensive it may be!

First Floor

LWA Monster Template Store: Commercial website templates, logos and other templates to suit all kinds - even a few free ones! You can use a template that is inexpensive because it is available for others to use too, or elect to pay more and have exclusive use of the template you have chosen.

LWA Site Awards: Our own award programs, inaugurated on the 5th of November 2005.

LWA Resources For Web Creators: - otherwise known as 'Your Website' -  Links to everything needed to build websites, for everyone from 'newbies', as Internet novices are called, to experienced webmasters looking for specific additions or information.

The $5 Script Archive is the exception on this floor - I did not build this site - but we liked the concept so much that we applied for affiliation and here we are. We don't get paid any money (at $5 a script, Darren hasn't left himself any margin for paying out commissions!) but we do get a free script after every so many people have used our link to visit his site, so that's really good.

Sailor Books is the new name of what has been, up until now, known as Electronic Book World. We will be changing over officially to Sailor Books as the name of the book store some time soon.

LWA Auto is a site built in collaboration with DriveWerks, an incredible car parts, accessories and care care company that ships parts for most makes of vehicle all over the world and is ideal for the widespread visitor base to this domain - we have people coming to roam amongst these sites from every corner of the earth and DriveWerks are able to help all-comers with obtaining parts, wherever they may be, plus they issue a really useful newsletter every couple of weeks or so, which goes online in this website. And..., as though that were not enough, they do a brilliant trade in car models for collectors. They are real car enthusiasts doing what they love!

Settle Down With MarineZine: This link is there because one or two of our lazier visitors who have bookmarked the 1st floor wanted to avoid having to go downstairs to get to the magazine link...

Ski46 At Les Deux Alpes: This is the only site I have ever made in black and white and I really enjoyed creating it. Pete and Lyn Foreman are such a great couple that I wanted to keep a link to their site where my friends, relatives, acquaintances and visitors could find it. If you are thinking of going skiing and want great serviced accommodation, this is the place to go but book early - they are doing really well, I am delighted to say, and there's a bit of a queue for their attentions!

Pest Patrol: This is another exception - I did not build this site but I do think their software is worth having so I became an affiliate and will get around to moving their store into my software mall just as soon as I can find a moment (and a space!)

There is also another link here to the US Shopping Mall Site Map which is linked to and from every 'department'.

The Basement

Nothing officially lives down there, Sometimes I put a link to a new site that I am working on in there temporarily, so that the client can take a look at progress or view a page we are discussing.

I also try and help out when I have built a new website for someone and they want to test it before getting their own hosting package.





There. Now I don't have to keep explaining why there are no photos of me every time someone asks to see one. This is how I know people are either lying or in need of an optician when they say "You haven't changed a bit!" One day I'll find the one of me with curly bright orange hair and add that, too...:-)



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