Privacy Policy

All of the merchants with whom we deal consider your security and privacy to be paramount, as we do. Nothing disclosed will ever be passed on to third parties by LWA unless you have been asked directly for permission to do so and have given it knowingly. We at LWA never ask for information of a personal or private nature or share any that is volunteered, such as e-mail addresses on mails from site visitors. We are members of several organizations working to keep the Internet safe and secure for us all. The traffic of visitors through this site is monitored by Google Analytics, WebStats and StatCounter, as are all the sites within the LWA group. The data thus collected is not of a personal nature. Linnet Woods is the only person with access to the data and it is used to analyze the efficiency of individual pages, sections and sites in an ongoing effort to improve all aspects of the group continuously. The data is neither stored nor shared with anyone.

The merchants in this mall are all members of affiliate networks with which we work exclusively and in which we place our trust - that is to say that we do not deal directly with merchants but through third party intermediaries whose function is to monitor all activities and protect both merchants from unscrupulous associates and affiliates from unscrupulous merchants. LWA, the affiliate networks and the merchants whose goods and services are represented here are all committed to making your online shopping experience safe, secure and enjoyable. For the purpose of establishing our entitlement to remunerations, information is collected by the affiliate networks on traffic between our site and those of the merchants whose links are within it. We work with well-established and trusted networks and have faith in their integrity.

Having said that, LWA cannot accept liability or responsibility for any situation arising from your contact with those whose links are here in our malls, but would take very seriously any complaint that might arise and address the affiliate network involved as well as the merchant, to establish whether or not a particular merchant had breached the rules of fair and honest trading.

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