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  3rd Floor - Sports2nd Floor - Apparel, Footwear and Accessories1st Floor - Food Halls, Toys, Gifts and StationeryGround Floor - Beauty, Health, Jewelry, Wedding and Crafts DepartmentsBasement - Home and Garden, Pets, Outdoors, Auto and much more!4th Floor - Music, Electronics, Computers and much more! To All Floors of the LWA US Shopping Mall - You are now at Ground Floor
The main elevators are above and below each department and in the central stairwells...



Signs in the walkways are mainly direct links to neighboring departments, some are direct elevators to related departments on other levels

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To the full listing of departments and links to take you straight to wherever you want to go!
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To the Cinema, News Stand, Travel Agency and Ticket Booth

Cinema with film previews,News Stand, with magazines and periodicals, Travel Agency with hotels, flights, train and other journey arrangements,  and the Ticket Booth, with seats for concerts, sports and other events.

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Here at LWA US Shopping Mall, your local online department store, you can find anything from used auto parts to instructions on how to target the career you want and get it, through many, many departments with hundreds of stores, ready and waiting to show off their wares to trade and retail customers alike. At the last count there were 85 departments and 1529 merchants represented here!

The idea of building a 2D (two-dimensional) online department store, back in 2003, was rooted in the difficulty I had in seeing the online shopping facilities in existence at the time as any kind of substitute for real department stores. There have been attempts at 3D online department stores or shopping malls, but the problem with the majority of those is that people have lost interest long before the department store, or shopping mall, has actually loaded into their browsers and the few people whose computer equipment is sufficiently advanced for this not to happen, probably don't do their own shopping anyway!

Visitors in North America tell me that shopping at LWA US Shopping Mall is a very pleasant experience and that this online department store is much easier to relate to than other shopping websites they have tried. An online department store has advantages over physical ones too, in that access is there for all, day or night, and there are no problems with parking, getting around from one department to another or lengthy trips to get from one area to another.

Your feedback is welcomed at We NEVER share e-mail addresses or other third party information nor send unsolicited correspondence. For the policies of individual merchants and affiliate networks please visit the relevant pages on their sites. We go to some lengths to try to ensure that those with whom we deal are as careful with your details as it is possible to be. In the five years the malls have been open we have never received any complaint in this regard,

LWA US Shopping Mall is proud to be associated a number of affiliate networks including Amazon, LinkShare, ShareASale, LinkConnector, Google Affiliate Network, ClixGalore,RegNow and as well as a small number of individual merchants



To the full listing of departments and links to take you straight to wherever you want to go!





Main Hall Cinema Main Hall Main Hall Main Hall
Automotive News Stand Food Hall Ladies Fashions Indoor Recreation
Outdooor & RV Ticket Booth Wine Plus Size Fashion Book Stores
Boating & Water Sports

Travel Agency & Hotels

Coffee & Tea Lingerie Audio Books
Hardware Stores Luggage & Accessories

Main Gift Department

Accessories Electronics
Tools   Gifts For Him Teen Fashions Photography
Electrodomestic GROUND FLOOR Gifts For Children Menswear iPod
Home Furnishings Main Hall Personalized Gifts Jeans Phone & Call Card
Household Goods Watches & Clocks Gift Baskets T-shirt Stores Computers
Decor Jewelry Hall 1 Cookie Stores Childrenswear Office
Lighting Jewelry Hall 2 Florists Baby & Toddler Music


Wedding Boutique Toy Department


Bathroom Beauty Crafts & Hobbies Ladies Shoes Musical Instruments,
Kitchen Skin Care Favors Men's Shoes

Sheet Music & Karaoke

Bedding Hair Care Greetings & GiftCards   Education & Career
Rugs & Flooring Fragrance Stationery


Self Development
Pets Hall 1 Men's Toiletries Candy & Chocs Main Hall Business & Commerce
Pets Hall 2


  Sports Internet Marketing
Garden & Yard Fitness   Baseball  
  Weight Control   Football  
  Health Stores   Golf  
      Real Estate, Financial & Legal  


Basement - US Shopping Mall Ground Floor - US Shopping Mall First Floor - US Shopping Mall Second Floor - US Shopping Mall Third Floor - US Shopping Mall Fourth Floor - US Shopping Mall

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