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About Soane

Four generations of the family have been involved with the Fine Art trade. The second generation, Alfred, changed the family surname to Robinson in the late 1940s but remained known throughout the trade by his original name, Soane, right up to his death in 1983. The family firm, Sedgwick & Soane supplied works of art and fine furniture to many famous households, including royal ones.

Keith Robinson, Alfred's eldest son, grew up surrounded by the finest furniture and was trading on his own account by the time he was nineteen years old, in the early 1960s. Both his children, Emma and James, grew up surrounded by beauty and both have, at different times, traded in fine art.

In recent years, Keith has mainly been involved in consultancy and acquisitions, sourcing and authenticating objects for discerning clients as well as advising film studios and other entities around the world.

Keith Robinson works from aboard his schooner, Leopard Normand III, and can be contacted via:


Mobile Telephone: 00 34 680 474 278

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