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Linnet Woods Associates are strongly committed to protecting your privacy and providing a safe online experience for all our visitors. This Privacy Policy applies to information collected online through our Web sites and e-mails directed to us by visitors, whether through the websites or manually addressed to us in e-mail applications.

We do not publish e-mail addresses, apart from our own, anywhere on any of our websites nor do we pass on any email address to any third party whatsoever. We do not collect information about site visitors in any database or elsewhere. Mails received from visitors to the site containing material that will be placed on any of our sites are stored on CDs in case of a requirement to prove that we were sent the information or anecdote by a given individual whose permission was granted to publish.

As affiliates of various companies, we do not receive personal information about anyone who makes a purchase through our site and take great care to try and avoid forming partnerships, affiliations or associations with any entity that would misuse or abuse information received through contact with our websites. To date we have been successful in avoiding any such entanglements and would immediately cease trading with any entity found to be in breach of this ethic.




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