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Welcome to the Advertising Department of MarineZine - the marine magazine invented especially for the World Wide Web - reaching out to sailors, armchair sailors, and people who enjoy a good read all over the world! 

That's a lot of people. More than you may be aware of, if the marine industry is not your usual field of operation. The fact is that sailing enthusiasts are like any other sector of the market only their interests tend to be broader - a plus for everyone! 

One of the main reasons for building this magazine is the perceived need for something to bridge the gaps between the existing printed nautical magazines (of which there are an extraordinary number) and the Internet.

We like to think that all the persuasion you'll need to place your advertising with us at any price is a quick look through the magazine but, if you take a quick look at our Rates, you will see that even the smallest of businesses can afford to have a presence in MarineZine. Our display and commercial classified rates are extremely competitive, not least when you consider the size of the marine publications market.

Of course few companies will actually be trying to sell to everyone in the human race, however large their business, but it does make sense to reach as wide an audience as possible if you can do it at a reasonable cost. 
Whilst you may be receiving some wasted exposure in places too far flung for business to be practicable, you will also be receiving increased exposure in the markets you do want to service. 

There are plenty of reasons for Choosing MarineZine and, apart from advertising in the conventional manner, you may want to consider Sponsoring Opportunities with us.

In perusing the magazine you may notice that we use no moving images on advertising banners. If you are wondering why not, the reasons are briefly explained in Our Advertising Philosophy.

If you don't already have a presence on the web our Web Page Creation offer may be just the thing to get you started.

Promoting MarineZine  explains how we intend to spread the word as widely as possible. Already we have received positive feedback that suggests we are getting it about right and we don't intend to rest on any laurels...

When you've made up your mind to take banner space in MarineZine, you'll find it easy to do. 
Whether you want us to carry a banner linked to your existing website or e-mail address; carry a copy of your Home page, for faster loading, with any links to a larger site intact; or to create a web page especially for you, e-mail us with the details. Once the ad is ready to appear on a page, or pages, of MarineZine, we will contact you for payment which must be made within 5 working days, via a secure Internet site.
For those who do not wish to make payments online, we can provide details for bank transfer.

Advertising inserted after the publication date of an issue will be inserted on a page in the subsequent issue for a period equal to the period missed. 
If, for any reason, any down-time occurs (the page carrying your advertising banner is not accessible by the public) the time will be made up in the next issue.

MarineZine is good for everyone involved.  The readers, who, wherever they may be, are getting a big fat FREE magazine with an unobtrusive level of advertising in it. The advertisers, who are getting the undivided attention of every reader who turns to their pages. The editors, who are 'meeting' new people every day via the Internet and having fun putting the next issue of MarineZine together. The web-juggler, who is receiving the input from everyone and making sure the whole site works as a cohesive entity, bound between covers, like a printed publication. Why not join us?




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