The Taylor Family look forward to welcoming you at their Porthole Restaurant and Bar, established in 1985 and  popular with locals and visitors alike.

Mr. T playing the quatro in the barAt the bar, all beers( deliciously cold!), including Guinness, Hairoun, Heineken and Piton amongst others,  are priced very favopurably, as is a rum with mixer. A Bloody Mary or a Pia Colada, examples plucked from a seemingly inexhaustible list, await the thirsty visitor, as does a warm Caribbean welcome...
Here (left) Mr. T  entertains guests with his Quatro.


Front cover of menu


To see the main menu, click on the picture of the Menu cover (left). Also available are:
Ham and Cheese Omelette with Buttered Toast
Plain Omelette with Buttered Toast
French Toast or Pancakes with Butter and Syrup
Fried Fish and Bakes 
Full Breakfast (Bacon and Eggs , Toast, Tea/Coffee and Fruit Juice)
English Breakfast ( Full Breakfast PLUS Sausage and Beans)
Tea and Coffee
Pizzas with extras including Pepperoni, Chicken, Bacon, Fish, Sausage, Olives, Anchovy, Mushrooms, Minced Meat and Vegetables. 
In season there is also Lobster...

Clients lunching on covered terraceBreakfast is served between 0800hrs and 1000hrs ( 8a.m. to 10a.m.)

Lunch is from 1100hrs to 1500hrs (11a.m. to 3p.m.)

Dinner is served between 1800hrs and 2200hrs (6p.m. to 10p.m.) and Dinner reservations are appreciated either by calling the Porthole on VHF Channel 68 or telephoning 458-3458

Apart from eating in the restaurant, or seated at the bar, one can also order food to take away. 
The take-away menu includes beef, chicken, conch or vegetable roti, chicken, chips and salad, fish and chips with salad, pizzas, including 'vegggie' pizzas which are very popular, pepperoni and beef,  burgers and, when in season, lobster. You can order in the morning for the same evening or at any time for the next day.


Lady at bookshelvesbar entrance At one end of the spacious and airy eating area, overlooking the harbour, bookshelves groan with paperbacks and hard-cover books in various languages, available for exchange on a one-for-one basis, which one can sit and peruse at ones' leisure in the seating area provided for the purpose.
Bar interiorThere's plenty to read on the walls and bar shelves, too!
To find The Porthole is easy - it forms the corner between the concrete causeway leading from the dinghy docks and the main promenade in Port Elizabeth,  Bequia's main harbour.


Whilst enjoying a visit to The Porthole, you may like to  shop at the Shoreline Mini Market which can be reached conveniently without having to leave the building. If you're looking for the ideal place to stay on vacation in Bequia, Taylors Apartments were built for you.


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