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To the Basement Foyer - Cinema, Ticket and Travel Agency, News Stand, Auto Department, Garden & Yard Department and Home Furnishings Department
The entrance to LWA US SHopping Mall
US Shopping Mall




Use the elevator buttons at the top, base and central stairwell to navigate around each mall.
To move between the Malls simply click on the small 'Entrance' button that you will find just below the hall on every page (except this one) and which will bring you back here.

The 'Foyer' buttons lead to the foyer in each mall and the 'Information booth' button on any page takes you to a board where all the departments in the mall are listed.

Please remember that each mall, apart from the Software Mall, is intended for residents of the specified country or continent.


Software Mall

The LWA UK Shopping Mall

UK Shopping Mall

LWA Main Building


The LWA Software Mall
Foyer of the LWA Software Mall


EU Shopping Mall


To the public areas of the main LWA building


Eruropean Shopping Mall - Coming soon!



Enjoy your visit, safe in the knowledge that if we wouldn't shop with a particular merchant, we wouldn't have their shops in our Malls either! To the best of our knowledge you are in good hands wherever you visit in these Malls. Antipodean and European malls are coming soon Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have an unpleasant experience of any kind here, whether it be a link that does not work or a shop that does not deliver what you believed you were purchasing and we will do our utmost to help put matters straight. This is highly unlikely to occur with any of the merchants we have selected for your shopping pleasure.


Your feedback is welcomed at
We NEVER share e-mail addresses or other third party information nor send unsolicited correspondence. Ever.


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Basement - LWA HQ Ground Floor - LWA HQ 1st Floor - LWA HQ 2nd Floor - LWA HQ - Private 3rd Floor - LW HQ - Private 4th Floor - LWA HQ - Private

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