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What You Get On A Working Holiday Aboard

  • The opportunity to stay aboard a fabulous yacht without having to pay a fantastic price!

  • A comfortable berth to sleep in. Individuals may be asked to share a twin cabin so, if you don't like the idea of sharing with a stranger, get a friend to book for a working holiday to share the cabin with you! (If you are determined to have a cabin all to yourself, you can always offer to pay double the usual daily berth and board contribution - that's still only 40 Euros per day - but you will also have to take on the additional 4 hours work...)

  • Three meals each day: breakfast, lunch and supper.  Tea, coffee and fruit juices are served with breakfast and you can eat what you like, within the limitations of availability. Wine, beer, fruit juices and mineral water are served with lunch and supper. It is not recommended that you bring aboard, or consume, stronger beverages during a working holiday...

  • Tea or coffee provided mid-morning, mid-afternoon and after meals. At any other time, you are welcome to produce a pot of tea or coffee yourself...

  • 20 hours out of every 24 to spend however you wish. If you prefer, you can have 40 out of every 48 instead (work a full day and take a full day off). If we are at anchor or in a marina you can spend the time ashore or aboard, as you wish.

  • If you speak English as a foreign language, this is an opportunity to improve your vocabulary and to practise amongst people who are happy to help you learn and consolidate your knowledge. If you wish to improve your Spanish, French, Italian or German, we may also be able to help...

  • A certificate reflecting the nature of your involvement in the project and showing the skills you have used during your stay aboard. This may be a useful addition to your portfolio and certainly makes a nice souvenir!


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