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Diving from the Leopard Normand is quite an experience. We use the inflatable dinghy as a dive platform and wide netting suspended down one side of the boat allows divers to hang on whilst taking a break, without having to clamber into the dinghy or back aboard the yacht.

The onboard Bauer compressor allows for unlimited refills, we carry enough fresh water to permit thorough rinsing of equipment when a dive is over and there is ample space for drying of rinsed gear.

A dive charter is very much like a sailing charter in most respects - certainly when it comes to sleeping and eating - but we tend to spend less time sailing and more at anchor to allow for maximum dive time.

Sometimes our guests book a charter for three couples and, whilst the diving enthusiasts spend most of their time diving and planning dives, the others relax in other ways, perhaps diving once or twice but preferring to spend most of their time engaged in other recreational activities aboard or ashore.

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