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Dining Aboard


One of our specialities, when Leopard Normand III is between charters, is a dinner aboard for between two and twelve guests.

Two guests can sit at the table on the aft deck, the one in the cockpit or down below at the saloon table. Four to six guests can choose between the cockpit and the saloon and greater numbers are catered for by providing a buffet on the saloon table which can be eaten in the cockpit and on the aft deck.

Guests usually arrive for drinks an hour before dinner and can relax above or below decks. Dinner is usually served at 21.00 hours in the Mediterranean but we are totally flexible.

The evening's wine, beer and soft drinks are included but we suggest that guests ask us to provide anything else they wish to drink when booking, or bring it with them.

A typical dinner will include:

  • A choice of soup (the Skipper's seafood bisque is legendary), savoury crepes or a mixed salad for starters. Either way, garlic bread is also on offer.

  • The main course consists of either roasted meat with roast potatoes and carrots, green vegetables and sauces or a fish dinner with suitable side dishes and sauce or, for vegetarian guests, an entirely vegetable concoction with sauces.

  • For dessert, flambéed bananas, a fresh fruit salad, ice-cream or lemon sorbet to choose from.

After dinner, our guests can relax with tea or coffee, with or without liqueurs and sit in comfort in the saloon or cockpit.

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