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NoteScraps Screen ShotThis is a cool application, Really cool! I like this idea! I would definitely recommend NoteScraps for people who want to do more than play with a notes gadget and then forget about it - this has the functionality of the physical article it represents and gives one space for serious note-taking.

The free trial version is limited to 10 notes at any given moment - delete the contents of a note to free one up, which is fine for anyone who doesn't need more than ten jottings to be available - I have to admit that is not the case for me and I'm going to get the full version now that I know how well this software works as I might have any number of notes on the go as I work on a project. Nonetheless, the free trial version is useful enough to warrant inclusion here.

Because, like many people, I frequently need to jot something down immediately, in some cases for short-term use and, in others, to form part of an ongoing collection of reminders, this format works really well for me and having NoteScraps available instantly from the system tray (that little panel of icons at the bottom right of the screen) is ideal.

NoteScraps works great as a full-screen application and, although I thought it might become a little irritating when the window is reduced and one is using multiple notes, it is not so, retrieving other notes is easy. One can also import and export notes and getting rid of one that is no longer required is a simple matter of selecting the text it contains and deleting it - the note, once empty, returns to the stock of empty notes. Being able to change the colors is a great idea although another useful upgrade might be an even greater range of hues, not that the existing range was insufficient - it's just that some people, including me, like elegant pastels, like the ones NoteScraps currently displays, and others prefer neon hues or bold colors.

Being a simple program, NoteScraps doesn't allow for the inclusion of images or any kind of text formatting - this is not a problem as I don't see the point of a jotter that involves as much fiddling about as a finished document anyway. Notes are automatically exported to plain text files and can be printed from any other word processor (Notepad, for example) if required.

A very handy option is to be able to convert ordinary text files (made in Notepad, for example) to NoteScraps so that all the notes for a current project are in one handy spot and can be viewed together. There is also a very useful search facility to help you find the note you want immediately.

If there's anything I could be critical of, perhaps it would be the lack of a means of dragging the notes on display into different positions from the ones selected by the program. I'd like an upgrade that would let me have more choices about the way my existing notes are presented on the modern and pleasing NoteScraps interface while I'm creating a new one. Perhaps, in the fullness of time, there will be one. In the meantime, not having this choice really isn't a major drawback.

Setting aside these petty considerations, one should bear in mind that I am only reviewing the trial version here and doing so has been enough to convince me that the full version of NoteScraps is more than worth the very modest asking price. You can try it out for yourself, or save time and get the full version immediately, at the NoteScraps website:



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