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With such minimalist interfaces as some of these applications present, we though it best to save space by showing you three on one page - DropIt, DropWave and ToWave:

The maximum number of files that can be dropped onto DropIt is 255! This is a no-frills application but it works and, unless you are particularly anxious to watch your player working and admire it, this is as minimalist and functional as you can get.



Here is DropWave. What more can we tell you?!


ToWave has a "no frills" approach to sound conversion. It does not attempt to recognize the native format of sounds from other systems. (Click on 'thumbnail' to see full-size image)

ToWave can convert even obscure formats unless the sound is compressed or they have a sampling rate that is incompatible with Microsoft's Multimedia Extensions (i.e. 11.025, 22.050, or 44.100 Khz).


Program notes console Introductory notes console

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