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6 timepieces to keep you chronologically continent... 
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1Time 2.2 A timer that can simply be started and stopped or given presets and instructed to announce when the given time has elapsed. When 1Time is minimized, it will pop up on the taskbar and show that the preset time has elapsed - a nice silent alarm - unless sound was set to accompany this event and there's about a timer that can stop an audio file at a pre-determined moment?
Win9x/ME/NT/2000 442 kilobytes
Mark Snegg, Atma Software
Alarm 4.0 It was worth installing an earlier version of this application just to get to see the ReadMe - this guy is seriously amusing. He blamed the wine, in our e-mail exchanges but 'in vino veritas' - in wine the truth... The clock works brilliantly and the screensaver shows the current time as it glides soothingly around the screen. We could not get a screen capture so we will make it up to you by putting the version 3.1 ReadMe where the picture should have been - it is so much funnier than the new version... 
Win9X/ME 935 kilobytes
Yury Semka
AS DateCalc 2.1.20 Apart from finding out which day of the week a given date is going to fall upon, you can also see how many days, weeks and months there are between two dates at a glance. 
Win9x/NT 674 kilobytes

Acute Software  Australia


Clock.htm This .htm timepiece has to be seen to be believed and, to our great sorrow, nobody seems to know who the author is! We fervently hope he/she will not mind our sharing the wonder of this work with you as various strangers and friends have shared it with us via e-mails. If we receive details of the author we will be very happy to amend this page...


16 kilobytes (7,22 when closed!)




CrazyAlarm Shaped like a bell, this application does various things, apart from just letting you know that it is time to get up or do something. You can set Crazy Alarm to perform certain tasks for you and choose a written note instead of a sound as your notification that the time has come for you to attend to something. It's crazy but useful! Just put Crazy Alarm in the search engine at:
Win9x/NT 646 kilobytes
Tan Sun Min, TSM Soft,


Dimension4 If you need to be certain that your computer's clock is absolutely accurate (being paid by the minute, perhaps, or living someplace where public transport runs on time) and you have Internet access, at least some of the time, this application may be just the thing for you. Get the time from servers whose function is to provide accurate chronological information, wherever in the world you and your computer may happen to be. 
Win9x/NT 292 kilobytes
Rob Chambers, Thinking Man Software

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