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7 programs to help you look after your computer and it's contents.
Click on program names on the left to see more information, screenshots etc., Remember that the website links on the right will work if you click on them but some have been abbreviated in this view so they will not work if you copy and paste the information... To see the full URL, place the mouse cursor over the link and look at the bottom left of the window, on the frame itself. If you don't find the freeware still available, try

Active CPU 1.1 Active CPU is an easy to use tool that enables you to watch a graphical representation of your CPU's activity. When ACPU is running, an accurate miniature CPU usage gauge appears on the taskbar on the end opposite the "Start" button. When you touch it with the cursor, it displays the percentage of processor use in text format.
Win9x/ME/NT/2000 491 kilobytes
Ashot Oganesyan K, 
SmartLine Inc
AMN Refrigerator 3.2 In English, German or Russian, this program monitors the temperature of your CPU (Central Processing Unit) and shows it as yellow peaks on a dark blue background within a little icon in your System Tray. By right-clicking on the icon you can select the options you want and a left click produces a small panel on the screen which shows current time, CPU time and Halts time whilst also displaying the temperature in terms of the spectrum. 
Win9x/ME 146 kilobytes

Amn Software - Moscow, Russian Federation
AtivaCPUSpeed We had to include this little application - it is not every day that you get an application from Christmas Island, after all!
If you want to know the speed of your CPU, this will tell you straight away! See more for pictures. (The bandwidth check that is offered afterwards requires you to have access to the Internet to work). 
Win9x/NT/2000 572 kilobytes
Soft Sol - Christmas Island
MemoryMaker MemMaker RAM Optimizer is a very light Memory Management utility which allows you to take total control over your Systemís RAM. You can manually free a certain amount of RAM or set MemMaker to free some automatically when a given minimum level is reached.  MemMaker takes up less than 1 MB of your system's RAM and less than 1% of your System Resources. It also does not consume more than 1% of your CPU time, thus making it an ideal Memory Management utility. 
Win9x/NT 435 kilobytes

Dhruv Matani - India
MemStats This neat little application gives instant statistical information on the state of your computer's memory that may be of interest to you.
Win9x/NT 40 kilobytes
Manish Jethani
SpaceOdyssey 2.0 A hard drive crammed full of stuff you don't need or want can cause your PC to slow down or even cause some application problems. Space Odyssey fixes and prevents errors by finding and cleaning (deleting) error-producing and space-wasting garbage files. Space Odyssey operates by regularly scanning your hard drive for various error producing files and then optionally cleaning them from your system for you. was the last-known URL for the author but appears to be defunct, We'd appreciate news of an alternative URL.


1676 kilobytes


UltraSoft s.r.l., Bucharest, Romania
SystemSafe Gold 5.5 This industrial-strength program is easy to use and can save one a great deal of trouble. Not only can System Safe Gold protect your important system files in general but the program also incorporates Install Guard, allowing you to reduce the risks of installing applications that may affect your system in an unwanted way.
Win9x/ME/NT/2000 1404 kilobytes


Jim Sivage, USA

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