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15 programs designed to help you find, enjoy, manipulate and store your music and movie collections, including MP3, .wav and .mid files plus a range of audiovisual formats.
Click on program names on the left to see more information, screenshots etc., Remember that the website links on the right will work if you click on them but some have been abbreviated in this view so they will not work if you copy and paste the information... To see the full URL, place the mouse cursor over the link and look at the bottom left of the window, on the frame itself.

Anisoft Amp The Anisoft Advanced Media Player is a neat, colourful and tiny console from which to access your MP3 files and play them. 
Win9x/NT 442 kilobytes
Anish Venkateswaran
AVIplay Browser 2.1 Browses .avi files with speed and ease; You can switch between tab-folders or list, zoom in and out while you're playing, move from frame to frame in steps you set. AVIplayer stores all the settings, including last open folder. Fluid playback. 
Win9x/NT 364 kilobytes
Helge Andersen, Norway
Daos MP3 Daos is an all-in-one MP3 tool. No Help file comes with this application but you can visit the Daos website for help if the program does not appear self-explanatory after you have experimented with it.
Win9x/ME 921 kilobytes
Matt Inglis
DriveInfo This little application reads your DVD drive and informs you as to the region protection status of the drive. Useful if you are buying a secondhand computer with DVD drive or cannot remember how many times you have switched regions. Drives are programmed to allow only five switches and leave you stuck with the region you chose last.
Win9X/NT/2000 6 kilobytes
Erwin van den Berg
DropIt Select the *.WAV and or *.MID files that you want to play (in Explorer or by opening a folder that contains the desired file(s) drag and drop them to either the DROP IT! icon, or the DROP IT! window. If you want your selections to be looped through after they are done playing, simply click the loop button. This, and many other useful files, can be found at:
Win9x 21 kilobytes
Hamid Shojaee Tempe, Arizona, USA
DropWav 1.0 Well, if DropIt is minimalist, DropWav is minimized-alist...all you see of DropWave is the appearance it makes on Windows Taskbar (bottom of your screen, around the middle somewhere, unless you've been playing with ShakeIt...) and you just drag and drop your .WAV files onto the icon to play them! This, and other files, at: 
or at:
Win9x 6 kilobytes
Karl Thoroddsen, Iceland
Frames_n_Beats If you ever have to sync 3D and MIDI by hand this program can save you some time and calculation. Simply select your frame rate, dial in your tempo and hit "Calculate". You'll get Frames per Minute, Frames per Beat and Beats per Second calculated for you so you can keyframe your animation to the beat. 
this and more at:
Win9X/NT/2000 205 kilobytes
Bryn 'BadMonkey' Mosher
GDiVX_1.8.5 This player has been designed from the ground up to be a complete and fully functional alternative to Windows Media Player and adds numerous additional features. The Global DiVX Player is easy to use and good-looking too.
Win9x/NT 524 kilobytes
The Wolf's Lair Productions
Krazy Player This MP3 player places no files in your computer's system. It is zany and fun and allows you to enjoy finding and hearing MP3s without any unnecessary complications.
Win9x/NT 435 kilobytes

Kenneth Peng
MidiMon 2.01 MIDI Monitor displays incoming MIDI streams and passes the data to a MIDI output driver or the MIDI Mapper. The program was originally included in the MS Windows 3.1 SDK, but has been extensively modified.This app now forms part of a program called Midi-OX:
Win9x 68 kilobytes
Jamie O'Connell, Boston, Massachussetts, USA
MP3 Cat 2.5 MP3.Cat 2.5 was designed as a utility to help organize your mp3 collection, but can be used for other file types. Start by adding files or directories to the list, and from there you can play/open the files in their default application, and much more!
Win9x/NT 2179 kilobytes 
Mark Griffin
SCrename 2.1 This application allows you to change the filenames on MP3s you have downloaded and to list the information about them in the way you like it listed rather than having to accept someone else's way of doing things. This and loads of other free downloads available at:
Win9x/NT 885 kilobytes
Nikolaj Therkelsen, Sandcreatures
Squash MP3 1.5 A smart-looking and compact, oval-shaped, MP3 player with various options.
Win9x/NT 973 kilobytes
Matthew Woodhams, Squash Productions
ToWave 1.0  ToWave is designed to convert any sound file, no matter what it is, to a Microsoft Windows compatible sound file. 
N.B. The ReadMe includes details of files that must be placed in the system if they are not already there. Just copy and paste them to wherever you are instructed. The site contains a treasure trove of freeware for webmasters!
Win 9x 316 kilobytes
Bells and Whistles Software - Fort Worth, Texas, USA
WinAmp 2.76 Winamp is an MP3 player with built-in graphic equalizer so that you can tweak your sounds to your heart's content.
Win9x/NT 921 kilobytes
Nullsoft Inc.

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