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12 programs designed to help you view, sort, store and manipulate images in your collection.  
Click on program names on the left to see more information, screenshots etc., Remember that the website links on the right will work if you click on them but some have been abbreviated in this view so they will not work if you copy and paste the information... To see the full URL, place the mouse cursor over the link and look at the bottom left of the window, on the frame itself.

Album 1.6 This is a great way to make a temporary or permanent collection of photographs easily accessible and allows one to make alterations, such as rotation or pass the image to your image editing program. Two views are available - gallery view and  sequence (single image). The .alb files created by the program do not include copies of the images, just records of them, so they do not use hard drive space when not in use. 
Win9x/NT/2000  1843 kilobytes
Renate Schaaf
Batch Thumbs This program will create Thumbnail images from source images that you specify. BatchThumbs uses a wizard type interface, allowing you to choose appropriate options before proceeding to the next step. It was created for use by web authors but it can be used by anyone who wants to organize their graphics.
Win9x/NT/2000 812 kilobytes
Steve Harman
DigiCam Enhance This is a superb application if you have the occasional artistic disaster with a digital photograph. We have found this a great deal easier to use than much of the commercial professional software available and the results are excellent. 
Win9x/NT 554 kilobytes, Slovakia/Canada
Easy Thumbnails 1.0 If storage space is at a premium, this is a very handy application. You can keep the originals on CD and view the thumbnails without having to load the CD. 
Win9x/ME/NT4/2000 875 kilobytes

Eric G.V. Fookes, Geneva, Switzerland
Futuris Imager Futuris Imager is fast graphics viewer. And, whilst the other facilities offered by this application are all excellent, what really grabbed our attention was the incredibly good and easy-to-use Screen capture facility.
Win9x/Me/NT/2000/XP 1609 kilobytes

Alexander S. Tereschenko, Moscow, Russia
IconS 1.9 This program can be used in English, French, German, Italian or Russian and will seek out and reveal icons from in amongst your computer's contents. You can then view these and save those you wish to as .ico files or .bmp files in any directory you wish. This program has a user-friendly look and feel to it and permits you to search for icons in .dll; .exe; .icl; .cpl; .nil; .il and .ico files.
Alexander Kuck

Iconsucker 1.1a

This neat little program was created by way of an impressive 'business card', to show potential clients what Copsey Strain can do. Most application files (*.exe) and many application extension files (*.dll) on your hard drive contain one or more icons in them. Icon Sucker makes it easy for you to "suck" copies of those icons out and save them as either a standard Windows icon (*.ico) or a standard Windows bitmap (*.bmp). 
Win9x/NT/2000 266 kilobytes
Jacob Copsey, Copsey Strain, Inc., Minnesota, USA

My Album

MyAlbum is a picture cataloguer and will help you build digital photo albums by making .alb files containing the data about the images you wish to view through that album but no actual images.  This application can be compared to Album 1.6 and there is not much to choose between them but this one contains more options and preferences if you want them.
Win9x/ME/NT 1201 kilobytes
Pierre Meindre
SlowView This is a delightful photo editing application, simple, easy to get used to and that also doubles as a good viewer. Very impressive indeed.
Win9x/NT 1797 kilobytes
Nikolaus Brennig
Vallen Jpegger This small application requires no installation and allows the opening of a wide range of image files, navigating easily amongst image files in a directory, creating thumbnails and slide shows for viewing.
Win9x/NT 1457 kilobytes

Jochen Vallen,
Vallen-Systeme GmbH, Icking, Germany
VicMan's Photo Editor Although designed to enthuse potential clients into purchasing the Pro edition, this freeware edition of the award-winning Photo Editor has a few limitations but is, nonetheless an excellent application and is certainly adequate for most of the photo editing one might want to do at home. If you are new to image editing you may like to read our advice on the subject in the Introductory notes on this site.
Win9x/NT 1367 kilobytes
VicMan Software
Viewer++ Bitmaps, GIFs, JPEG's and Windows Metafiles can be viewed quickly and easily with this neat application, packed with useful features: Auto sizes to fit your picture; Scroll bars appear if picture is larger than screen; Displays multiple pictures as a slide show; Variable automatic delay between slides (0-60 sec) or manual 'click to advance'; Sequential, Reversed or Random slide ordering.
Win9x/NT 1268 kilobytes
Target & Kryten of Bluescreen Productions, UK


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