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21 programs for your enjoyment, including various utilities to help you create new games on your computer. 
Click on program names on the left to see more information, screenshots etc., Remember that the website links on the right will work if you click on them but some have been abbreviated in this view so they will not work if you copy and paste the information... To see the full URL, place the mouse cursor over the link and look at the bottom left of the window, on the frame itself. 

Arasan 2.0 This is a straightforward and simple chess game with various options open to the player and a good Help manual to enable you to use the board with ease. It is assumed that you know the basic rules of the game, although you could probably work them out, gradually, since the program will not permit you to make any move that is not available. Pieces are moved by drag and drop.
Win 9x/NT 587 kilobytes
Jon Dart
NEW! Babala Babala is a simple logical game with elements of move strategy. In this game, Your task is to survive and dispose of all 'Balabaks'. The game has 200 levels and suits all ages, being both easy to learn and difficult to master. The screen shots on the site are so good that we haven't attempted to equal them and have made all the links go straight to Pavel's site instead.
Home Page:
Windows/Linux 472 kilobytes
Pavel Richter, Liberec, Czech Republic
BallMaster This is a compact, good-looking and fun game in which you must line up small coloured balls in lines, whether vertically, horizontally or diagonally, so that they disappear and make room for more balls. It is easy in one way but difficult in another - as you work on creating lines, the balls that get in the way of your ambition must be taken into account too...  A nicely crafted game.
Win9x/2000 1147 kilobytes

Sergei Gussev, GSA Software, Estonia
Bedter A variation on the old Te**is game (the company that owns the name is a little sensitive about being mentioned in the context of other people's games...) and this one is customisable too! The author's game designing talents far outweigh his slight deficiency in the spelling arena and this is a good game with a full Help manual.
Win 9X/2000 763 kilobytes

Andrew Bednarz, Bedsoft, Melbourne, Australia
Cowtris 2.00 The author's motto is "no brains--it's better that way" but you will need to have your wits about you to get far with this fun version of the old Tetris game! You can play alone or there is a two-player mode so that you can share the wonder of falling cows with a friend... 
Win9X/ME/NT/2000  579 kilobytes
David Glick, Nonsense Software
Dink Smallwood This full version of Dink Smallwood is more than just a game, it is an engine for the creation of games and, as such, may be ideal for you if your interests lie in that direction. There is plenty of information included and you are invited to visit the website and collect more interesting goodies...
Win9x/ME/2000 23,845 kilobytes 

Robinson Technologies Software (RTsoft) 

Frozen Fruits This game is played using the keyboard rather than the mouse and is great fun, although we were not clever enough to get too far along with it! Very colourful and well presented - a nice way to while away a little time and practise keyboard skills at the same time!
 Win 9x/2000  2694 kilobytes
Karl Hofer, Austria


Hangman Deluxe Hangman Deluxe has wordlists in several languages.The hidden letters of the loaded word are displayed as asterisks. As you click the right letters, they replace the asterisks but wrong guesses add to a gruesome gallows and corpse until either you complete the word or the computer completes the hanged man, whichever happens first. 
 Win9x  1235 kilobytes

Erwin Ravau, Belgium
K/os Othello This version of Othello, or Reversi as it is also known, has quite realistic graphics, a choice of board surfaces, sounds, players (i.e human or computer) and difficulty level. The pieces are stacked loosely to the side of the board, as they would be in reality and there is a nice 'feel' to playing with this program.
 Win 9x  1439 kilobytes
  Matthias Elter, K/oS
Ludo In this traditional game, each player has four pieces and must get them around the board and 'home' whilst trying to land on other players' pieces, making them begin the journey again with those pieces and hoping that nobody lands on his/her pieces like that! You can choose 1, 2, 3 or 4 players in this version. You can choose between English and Swedish.  
Win9x 106 kilobytes 

Anton Gustavsson, Sweden
Mega Jatsy This dice game, based on Yahtzee, is beautifully presented and deserves a place here, even though it displays a tiny bug when we use it, which we do, regularly. At the end of a game, the program announces a win and then declares a file/path error and closes itself. Since the game has already ended, this is no big deal. We have not actually discovered what this means but perhaps you will figure it out, if it happens to you, which it might not! You'll find the game through this link, along with lots others you may like to try.
Win9x  348 kilobytes

Ove Lautensack, Sweden
Midnight Sunitaire This is one of the most popular solitaire card games in Norway, made playable on computer.  Easy to grasp but extremely difficult to win, this game is one of the best solitaire card games we have tried.
   879 kilobytes

John Roger Taraldsen, Norway
Numeros 3.51 You jot down a number (you can choose whether to play with 4, 5 or 6-figure numbers). The computer tries to figure out your number while you try to figure out the computer's. Each time you enter what you think the number may be, the computer will tell you how many of the digits were the right ones in the right place and how many were the right ones but in the wrong place and you do the same as the computer tries to guess your number. You will find this and other interesting files at:
Win9x/NT/2000  307 kilobytes

David Josť Alonso, Spain
Rangoon 1.22 An excellent electronic version of one of our favourite solitaire card games. You can customise the playing surface and some other aspects of the game. This game is postcardware. Click on Memo on the Help menu to see Rudy's postcard to you.
Win9x 441 kilobytes

Rudy Muller, Deventer, The Netherlands
RPG Toolkit Development System A comprehensive program to enable you to create your own games, with a tutorial and all that you will need contained in the package. This is an excellent program and will no doubt be received with delight by anyone with a creative and inventive nature who likes the idea of coming up with original games for the computer.
 Win9X/ME/NT/2000  3910 kilobytes
Christopher B. Matthews, Awesome Computing
Nova Scotia, Canada
Scopa Scopa (Scoop) is a popular Italian game, played with a 40-card pack of arcane cards with the suits of Swords, Batons, Cups and Coins. 
You can select Italian or English in the Options menu, choose 2 or 4 players and change the table colour. You can play against the computer in the two-player option.
Win 9x 384 kilobytes

Marco Corsaletti, Roma, Italia.
Snowcraft Designed as a Winter holiday greetings card to demonstrate IconMediaLab's skill at creating animated icons, this delightful little game is a snowball fight. Your team (dressed in red) of three little figures must throw snowballs at the opposing team, dressed in green. At the next level the green team gets more members but your team does not... this is available, along with various other fun items at:
 Win9x/ME/NT/2000  3743 kilobytes
Solo 1-03 Solo is a graphical Solitaire game maker and player.  You can customize the list of solitaire card games shown,  selecting and deselecting game files from the storage folder, edit games, save them as new versions and even create new games to add to the collection! There are 60 games to start you off. This and many other fun games can be found at:
Win9x  812 kilobytes
Dan Reed, Bad Elf Software
Triplets A compact game that exercises the brain a little. Click on blind squares to reveal little faces. Reveal three identical ones in a row, horizontally or vertically, to score. When you fail, your opponent scores.
Win 9x 51 kilobytes
Hal Dean, Florida, USA
VB Pong VBPong is a nostalgic game designed as an Easter egg for developers of Visual Basic 5.0 applications". Alone it is a full-featured game of Pong. Source code is provided so it can be customized and added to Visual Basic projects. This is one of the games that can be found on the same site as Solo 1.03
Home Page:
 Win 9x/NT  3784 kilobytes
  Clarence Donath, Arcadia Software
Xcell This compact solitaire card game is reminiscent of the Free Cell game that comes with Windows in Start>Accessories>Games, only rather nicer. 
Win9x  776 kilobytes
Robin van Ommeren,
The Netherlands


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