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Two applications that may be useful if you like reading. You can download e-books (lots of free ones are available) and enjoy them on your computer. There are others available, Microsoft Reader and Adobe e-book Reader, for example, which we will cover in Fun With Freeware 2 but, if you are in a hurry, any search engine will lead you to either or both. 
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eLibrary 2.0 eLibrary is "the" frontend for Project Gutenberg and allows you to easily find and download books from Project Gutenberg servers. Managing your ebooks with eLibrary is simple with its built in My Library. The integrated reader allows optimal viewing for all of your ebooks. In addition you can export your ebook to an HTML file. To top it all off, eLibrary is fully customizable.
Win9x/NT 480 kilobytes
David Bracewell
RocketBook Reader If you can afford to buy Rocket eBooks, we are delighted for you but, if not, it is nice to know that you can still find something to read. Thousands of free publications are available on the author's website so here is a reader with a book to get you started on your library. Several 'skins' (interface appearance) are included and you can create your own if you like.
Win9x/NT 2797 kilobytes
NuvoMedia Inc,
Mountain View, California, USA


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