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23 programs to help make using your computer at home or in a small business easier and/or more fun. Ranging from single-function utilities to full-on office suites that are as good as, if not better than, some of the big 'name' programs available to those with plenty of money and no objection to being stripped of it. Click on program names on the left to see more information, screenshots etc., Remember that the website links on the right will work if you click on them but some have been abbreviated in this view so they will not work if you copy and paste the information... To see the full URL, place the mouse cursor over the link and look at the bottom left of the window, on the frame itself. If you don't find the freeware still available, try

602Pro PC Suite 2000b  As good as many of the big names, 602 Pro PC Suite 2000 is an excellent and comprehensive office suite for the serious user, both in terms of end results and of the way the program looks and 'feels'. 602Pro PC Suite 2000b is an excellent set of tools for anyone wishing to produce quality professional documents.
Win9X/NT 14,513 kilobytes
Software 602 Inc, USA
ACCESS 1.2c Some of us rely heavily on the mouse and ignore keyboard controls when creating documents because it can be difficult to remember the allocation of keys, which varies from one program to another. Accelerator and Shortcut Show - ACCESS - monitors the programs you are using, provides you with the relevant keyboard shortcut menu on your screen, allowing you to edit it if you so wish.
Win9X/NT/2000 1714 kilobytes
Think Red, China
ADFilelist Create a text list of selected file names. A very useful little tool that saves a lot of time if you have to include a list of the files contained in a directory (folder) in an overview document, for example, or if you want to check, after making a change of one kind or another, to see what files have been added to a folder by comparing a 'before' Filelist with an 'after' one. Unfortunately, this software does not appear on Avlan Design's website - the only freeware advertised there recently has been their AVD Geometrical calculator...
Win9x/NT 350 kilobytes
Avlan Design, Russia
ArtPlus EasyNoter 3.7 EasyNoter is a simple to use Personal Info Manager (PIM). It can be used at work to keep your business information organized, or at home as your personal diary. The program includes a Photo Album section and, once you have completed the free registration, you can alter the look of the cover to suit yourself. Speaking as the proud owner of the Pro version, this is one product that was definitely worth upgrading to - try the freeware version and you'll see what I mean!
Win9x/NT 2450 kilobytes
Art Plus Zagreb, Croatia
Atlantis 1.0 Nova There is nothing lacking in this compact and dynamic word processor. In its minimal configuration, Atlantis Nova 1.0 takes up just 600KB of space on the hard drive and is 100% WYSIWYG  - What You See Is What You Get. Your documents are displayed on the monitor screen just as they will be printed on paper. Work with up to 50 documents simultaneously in multiple document and graphics formats.  It is more like an office suite than a word processor!
Win 9x/ME/NT/2000 1127 kilobytes
Rising Sun Solutions, Inc.
Birthday 3.21 Make sure you never forget a birthday again, install Birthday 3.21 and, as the author puts it: "You will never forget your mother's birthday ever again!"
This little application is a fun way to store birth dates and be reminded in time to send celebratory messages.
Win9x/NT/2000 1256 kilobytes
Jörgen Edelbrock, Sweden
ChangeCase 3.1 With Change Case you can change the filename, the directory name case and the timestamp automatically on your files. Very handy for replacing ridiculously long names on Internet downloads. Also useful for transferring files between different Operating Systems. Choose upper, lower or combinations of case type. Change Case can work in subfolders and supports Explorer drag & drop & command line. (English) 
Win9x/Me/NT/2000 223 kilobytes
Hai Li at ZealSoft Studio Beijing, China
CWordPad 3.0 Cetus CWordPad is an excellent word processing tool, an improved alternative to Windows Word Pad with, amongst other things, spell checking and a thesaurus! As this application is no longer being formally distributed, there is no support available for it but we found no reason to need any in a domestic environment. There are various other freeware programs available on the site, too.
Win9X/NT/2000 1661 kilobytes
Cetus Software Inc,  Massachussetts, USA
Easy Office This is a comprehensive office suite for anyone who wants to achieve an end result without having to become a computer expert, or who finds most office programs stuffy and dull. The installation process is something of a whirlwind affair, so read our notes unless you like surprises! An excellent application if you prefer to use fewer programs with more functions rather than individual applications for each task.
Win9x\ME\NT\2000 28039 kilobytes
E-Press Corp, Ontario, Canada
FastFontSet 1.xx If you want to remember a group of fonts that you have used, or plan to use, for the creation of a particular piece of work, make a FastFontSet list of them and save it. If you wish you could quickly find fonts of a kind instead of having to trawl through them all, make FastFontSet files and, once they're done, you'll never have to wish again! 
Win9x/ME/NT/2000 515 kilobytes
Michael Philippenko
Wizetech Software 
FileSearch MetaTag Guru FileSearch lets you search for .html files containing  given keywords and then displays the documents, listed in order by the number of times the chosen word appears. You can save searches for later. A great tool for researchers, students and disorganized people like us... Even the Help file has a Quick Start page for those who hate wading through waffle! 
Win9x/2000 2663 kilobytes
Ashesh Bharadwaj
FolderBox 1.00 This extension for Windows Explorer adds sub-windows in the lower part of Explorer, enabling you to display the contents of two or more folders at once in Explorer. You can configure up to five FolderBoxes, placing additional drives and folders just a mouse click away. Within a FolderBox you can copy, paste, move, drag and drop, open and delete files, just as usual. You can even use FolderBox in Internet Explorer!
Win9x/ME/NT/2000 796 kilobytes
BAxBEx Software, Germany
FontLister Here is a handy way of perusing your available fonts. View the alphabet listed in the font size of your choice in comparison mode or copy an example of your text to this application and view it in every font available to you, including uninstalled fonts which you then elect to install, in edit mode. You can also delete fonts for which you have no further use via this program. 
Win9x 445 kilobytes
Peter Theill Holbaek, Denmark
KeepIt 2.0  A little elephant with a blue K on a red cloth over its back, the Keep-It archive, or .kar, will take snapshots of your files at any stage in your progress you wish and store it for you to review at any time.
Win9x/NT 270 kilobytes
Remember International Associates Limited
MemoFriends A neat application that allows the entry of more than one special occasion per person and has a good range of options attached to it. Although not 'skinnable' (as in offering the facility to change the look of the entire window) MemoFriends does allow a change of background for those who are bored with grey... The program can be run in English or French. 
Win9x/ME/NT/2000 618 kilobytes
Laurent Duveau France
MOB 2.1 - My Own Backup A fast, easy to use yet powerful, backup program, crammed with powerful options, that you can control and use with ease. Create and save your set, and you will never be more than two clicks away from a backup. There is even an option to make all of your backups in just one go. There doesn't seem to be a website for the author but several sites offer downloads and I include the one I liked best of those I viewed.
Win9x/NT/2000 1965 kilobytes
Tazzie Netrunner at Taz-Soft, Sweden
PandaMoney 3.0 Major A spreadsheet/database designed to allow personal financial accounts to be kept securely and updated easily. Keep bank details and current accounting information in a handy format and allow password access to others, or not, as you wish. Good tips come with the program but further help is only available via the Internet. You'll find this program, along with lots of others, at:
Win9x/NT/2000 3404 kilobytes
Auspic Media/Acorian Group
Personal Mind Organiser  Personal Mind Organizer is a personal information manager (PIM) with three main uses. It's an organizational tool, an image viewer and a 'mind stimulator for reflection, self-analysis, and self-improvement'. 
Win9x/ME/NT/2000  6313 kilobytes
Bruno Cancellieri, Italy
PhoneDeck 1.15 To quote the author "PhoneDeck is a flexible, lightweight phonebook and address book program... is not meant to replace a large PIM-type designed for personal use...has a configurable interface, and provides many ways of viewing, finding and editing addresses, so that you can choose the way that suits you most". Everything that PhoneDeck is capable of can be done with the keyboard, so you don't always have to use the mouse." We use it all the time - it's great! Incidentally, Marek Jedlinski, the author, has changed his address since creating this software and can now be contacted at marekjed@ .
His website for downloads is at:
Win9x/NT/2000 1462 kilobytes
Marek Jedlinski
RoughDraft 2.0 Specifically designed for writers of novels, short stories, articles, plays and screenplays, Rough Draft can be used by anyone but will be of special interest to those whose work or hobby is amongst those mentioned. With extra clipboards, auto-insertion of user-defined words or names and a host of other useful features, Rough Draft is a practical tool and a handsome one too. To quote the author: "If you want a no-nonsense writing tool, RoughDraft might be just what you need." 
Win9x/NT 1660 kilobytes
Richard Salsbury - UK
TreePad 2.9.4 Lite TreePad is an easy to use node-editing program, a powerful information organizer, PIM and outline text editor, ideal for creating and storing notes, emails and URLs. It features extended search, edit, export and import options and also supports non-western fonts.  and
Win9x/ME/NT/ 2000 496 kilobytes
Henk Hagedoorn at Freebyte - The Netherlands
TreePad Viewer The TreePad Viewer enables anyone to read TreePad files, whether they use TreePad or not, so it is a useful item to pass on to anyone to whom you wish to give TreePad files but who does not want to install TreePad Lite (2.9.4 freeware version) program on their computer (although we can't imagine why anybody wouldn't want to!).  and
Win9x/ME/NT/ 2000 1449 kilobytes
Henk Hagedoorn at Freebyte - The Netherlands
UltimateZip 2.0.2 This is an excellent compression/extraction utility, easy to use and with a good-looking interface.  Note: If you plan to install Easy Office, you will find that the built-in Zip application that comes with it is perfectly adequate, making it unnecessary to install a separate utility for the job. if not, this is a superb application to have.
Win9x/ME/NT/2000 1954 kilobytes
SWE von Schleusen 


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