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futuris_01.jpg (18577 bytes)Apart from the other features on offer, Futuris Imager has an excellent screen capture facility. All of the screen captures you see in this collection were thanks to Futuris- the easiest we have tried.

Here is a picture of our desktop at the start of a typical working day... note the spartan and tidy desktop...thank goodness you couldn't see the mess in My Documents where all the clutter was thrown to create the illusion of orderly serenity.. Like our dustbin, or trash can as some would call it? 

Futuris captures can only be saved as bitmaps but then you can convert them to other formats. While the image is still in bitmap form, it is easy to add a message like the one on our full-screen view, select and copy individual items to be pasted elsewhere and used as separate images (all those pictures of program interfaces on this website)

futuris_03.jpg (15835 bytes) futuris_05.jpg (21385 bytes) futuris_07.jpg (12565 bytes) futuris_04.jpg (29438 bytes)
futuris_06.jpg (19818 bytes)


futuris_08.jpg (87446 bytes) Futuris imager supports a wide range of graphic formats: GIF; JPEG (including progressive); PNG; MNG; JNG; BMP; WBMP; TIFF; Targa; PhotoCD; Photoshop/PhotoDeluxe; Paint Shop Pro and more... 


During setup you will be offered quite a range of options for a full installation, including:
futuris_09.jpg (88143 bytes) Print with preview; View web cams in FI; support for Twain compatible scanners; support for PNG/MNG/JNG formats and/or additional graphic formats; screen capture; HEX viewer for Imager; Default filters (image transformations) and tools for wallpaper manipulations, all of which combined require 3,6MB of space on the hard drive. Eliminating web cams, PNG/MNG and JNG and wallpaper manipulation reduced our total to 3,1MB.


futuris_10.jpg (68551 bytes)Futuris Imager features powerful plug-in system, which allows third-party developers to extend Futuris Imager with different types of plug-ins. One of Imager's claims to fame is that it is the first image viewer to have included an open plug-in system.

Another is that it was the first image viewer with WAP bitmap support. The built-in file browser is handy too!


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