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The sound of thunder is back! Staccato drums are in production once again and with Staccato lord and master, Pat Townshend, in control of his own creation at last!

With the Super Furry animals playing their orange and black (vintage) Staccato kit on the new Top of the Pops (BBC 2), these fabulous drums are in the charts again! Many of today's Staccato drummers were not even born when these incredible drums first hit the music scene. This unique design and perfectionist finishing just goes on gaining in popularity!

Staccato shells have to be produced by hand, one at a time, unlike the shells for traditional drum kits. The production remains in the hands of Pat Townshend, the original creator and designer of these extraordinary drums that have been seen in countless music videos over the years and are still the drums of choice for many top bands.

Staccato drums remain the most unique and powerful in the world, possibly the most talked-about drum kit on the world wide web today. The stunning visual appearance and the thunderous sound of Staccato drums has drawn film, video and television producers to them and, as mentioned on an internet musicians' forum recently: On one particular video, the Staccato drums had more attention from the camera than the vocalist!

We have received an overwhelming number of e-mails from Staccato drummers, and those who would like to be, from around the world, some of which will be posted on the new official website.

The official site will include merchandising pages, offering memorabilia and new products including t-shirts, badges, model sculptures of guitars and drum kits, posters and more!

So watch this space for the announcement of the opening of the NEW OFFICIAL STACCATO ART WEBSITE!



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