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We are offering three options, all of which come fitted with with replica Hayman hardware, as fitted to the original Staccato drums. Custom artwork and special colour options are available at an extra cost. 

Option One - the lowest in the price range:

The original Staccato drums were produced in fibreglass and we are offering the same GRP technology for the shells. 
Option Two is further up the price range, being more labour-intensive and using more costly materials. These Staccato drums are constructed in lightweight Carbon fibre with a coloured finish.

Both these options come with an impregnated colour finish - no paint is used. Colour options include Monochrome (Black/White) and any combination of Red/Yellow/Blue/Green or Orange. Because we are not building these drums on a production line but only to order, your custom kit will be built to your own interior and exterior colour specification. True, this is pretty exciting but the third option is the most special that Staccato has to offer...Option Three is Staccato drums constructed in lightweight Carbon fibre with a gloss transparent finish that allows you to see the holographic effect of the carbon fibre weave, which effect you may have seen on some motor racing machines such as Formula 1 cars.
Obviously these unique instruments are the most exclusive drum kits in the world. As a result of the expense of the materials, the complexity of production and the workmanship involved, this is the most expensive option. 

Every kit that we build, from number 001 to number 100, will be a Limited Edition and after the one hundredth kit we will be going over to 'standard' production only, so each of these one hundred kits will be very, very special. The Limited Edition number of each of the 100 kits will appear on a tamper-proof plate, alongside Pat Townshend's personal signature and name of the purchaser (or custom title), impregnated into the shell. Each kit will be numbered according to confirmed orders received. For example, the first kit ordered will be numbered 001/04; the second will be 002/04 and so on. 

Numbers will be allocated on a strictly first-come-first-served basis. As soon as each order is confirmed, the next number in the sequence will be allocated. After the 100th order is confirmed, all prospective purchasers will be advised that the Limited Edition has been sold in it's entirety and 'standard' production kits only are available. The quality will be the same, all drums being hand-built, but there will be no personalized details, signature or L.E. number.

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