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Staccato drums are hand made by a skilled workforce to the most exacting standards required by drummers today.

Only the best design, craftsmanship and materials go into Staccato instruments. Production methods for today's shells remain exactly the same as that employed in creating the vintage kits: Hand-laminated; colour-impregnated and glass-reinforced plastic is the material of choice, as before, and now we are also using carbon fibre composite in the special Limited Edition range.

The experience of Pat Townshend, designer and inventor, in working with these materials spans 37 years of motorcycle and car racing experience, as a rider; driver, designer and development engineer. The official website is under construction right now and will provide a lot more detail.

The variety of shell sizes, finishes and construction guarantee that you, the drummer, will find the particular sound and performance to satisfy your individual needs.

Major improvements have been made to the Tom Toms, allowing them to fit inside each other and reducing the space requirements for transportation space. For instance, a six piece kit with 12" to 6" toms will all fit inside the bass drum, so only 2 cases are required: one for the bass drum and nested toms and the other for the floor tom.

Fibre cases can be custom-made to fit all sizes of drums. You can either do this locally or ask us to quote for supplying the cases with your new drums.

The Staccato shells truly represent a giant leap forward in drum design. The drums are available in carbon-fibre or multi-layered fibreglass construction, reinforced at the tension and stress points, which makes them virtually indestructible. The colour is impregnated right into the drum shell so that it can't scratch or chip off. Shallow marks can be easily polished out. This revolutionary shape based on the same 'Kadency' principle as that used in racing motorcycle exhausts, gives the drum immense volume when required, plus amazing clarity of sound.

Toms are available in 6", 8", 10", 12", 14" and 16" versions. The floor Tom is 16" and the Base Drum has a 22" head, is fully 29" inch long and 29"wide at the mouth.

'Standard' finishes are in white, black, yellow, red and blue, although all the drums are hand-built and the use of the word 'standard' does not mean that there will be endless other drums in the same colour as yours. You can also choose from over 100 custom finishes at a nominal extra charge.


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