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There are excellent tutorials on every conceivable topic available online and free tutorials on computer and computer-related topics abound. Here we list some sources of downloadable tutorials, some to purchase, some for free and some that can be read online.


The Newbie Club: Some of the best tutorials for beginners that we have found online can be found here. They're written in plain English and designed to help you, not to try and impress you with the cleverness of the author.

The Knights Of Kindness' Baddteddy Site has some great tutorials - maybe they're aimed at the very young but they certainly explain things in words of one syllable and that's just the way some of us like them!

Intelligent offers a wealth of links to tutorials and training courses of all kinds.

Computer Training Tutorials by Chris Rippel cover hardware and troubleshooting any problems with it.

The Public Library of Anniston-Calhoun County have organised a pretty fine collection of tutorials too.

Help2go is a great site, full of useful tutorials and help. is another excellent source of tutorials.

Internet4classroomsoffers another great resource in the form of a collection of articles and tutorials on a wide range of relevant topics.

Your Website, a collection of resources for website creators, elsewhere on this domain, is also packed with tutorial links.

We'll add more as we discover them and you're welcome to point the way via e-mails to


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