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Software includes the operating system on the computer, the programs, drivers and anything else that lives inside a computer and isn't hardware...

There is a pretty good set of simple explanations of the different types of software, as in freeware, shareware etc., over on Honor Mission's Fun With Freeware 1 site. 

For techies, Joel Spolsky's blog should prove interesting and boffins will find themselves at home at the Carnegie-Mellon Software Engineering Institute.

The Business Software Alliance have an interesting site as do the Jabber Software Foundation and the Internet Systems Consortium.

If there are other sites or pages that ought to be included here, feel free to e-mail computerwiz@linnetwoods.comand tell us!

One of the ways we support these free sites is by selling software from a carefully selected group of authors and resellers, to ensure that what is purchased through us is 100% legal, backed up by the proper guarantees and worth having in the first place - if we wouldn't be willing to buy it ourselves we wouldn't be willing to sell it either.

For sailors we offer software from Andromeda and for everyone we have Adobe software from Amazon, webmastering software from MultiMedia Australia and graphics creation software from Xara.

If you are interested in reading more about software, these books may be of interest to you:


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