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As in any other field, the world of computers and computing includes words that have been invented or adapted specifically for the subject. We will try and include links to as many as possible here, whether inexpensive books to buy that you can keep beside you or free online resources to use as and when needed.


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If you prefer to have your information in tangible, non-digital form, you will doubtless find that the Computer Desktop Encyclopediacontains enough to satisfy your curiosity on more than just the meanings of terms used and, if a simple glossary is all you really want, then The Computer Glossary by Alan Freedman may well be ideal, both books starting at a couple of dollars, or less.


Online Resources

The Sharpened Computer Glossary

InfoPlease Computer Glossary

The ComputerUser HighTech Dictionary

Microsoft Glossaries

Downloadable, Editable Glossary

Scott's Internet Glossary

The UK Orbit Computer Glossary

Matisse Enzer's Internet Glossary

Thesaurus Online

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