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Nobody can be an expert on everything and one of the great things about the Internet is that everyone can share the expertise they do possess in exchange for being able to enjoy that of others.

Sadly, many sites start out with the intention of providing free access to knowledge and then succumb to the temptation of selling, or trying to sell, that access and make a profit out of everyone and everything.

Obviously we all need to eat and the more time spent looking after a website, the more necessary it is for that website to produce an income but it is sad that, these days, many people feel that enough is not as good as a feast. They want to be ridiculously rich, whether their efforts are that valuable or not.

We like to think that you will remember us and come back to this site if you want to purchase anything that you saw here first, knowing that this will help us to carry on being here for you.

One or two friends have asked why anyone would come to this site looking for links when they could just put some keywords into a search engine and find those links for themselves.

If you have ever searched for specific information on any search engine, you are doubtless aware that you may have to open many pages before you find one that contains something you want.

When it comes to information about a subject in which you are not an expert, it also helps if you know you can trust someone to point you at pages that will inform rather than mislead you.

We hope you will come to view this and other sites at as places where people you can trust point you at the right information every time. 

Unlike many websites online, ours do not exist solely as selling tools. We are genuinely interested in helping others to enjoy the experience of being online more, to the best of our abilities.



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