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Like the vast majority of people, we started out using computers somewhat reluctantly. It seemed pretty obvious that we could either embrace new technology or gradually disappear without a trace.

Nowadays, any six-year-old of your acquaintance can probably perform fifteen minor miracles on a computer before breakfast-time, but can he, or she, explain how it is done in terms that you can understand? Probably not.

It seems to take very little time for most people to take the terminology and techniques associated with a new skill for granted. 

Some revel in treating their new-found knowledge as though it formed part of the mysteries of some secret society that they have joined and of which YOU form no part.

Unlike most people, we have not forgotten the frustration and embarrassment involved in having to ask what every other word of a sentence means, especially when it is peppered with acronyms like 'http' or 'html', 'gigabyte' or 'wysiwyg'.

Nor have we forgotten the impatience and patronizing sighs of those whose explanations left us none the wiser.

We are a part of Linnet Woods Associates, ordinary people of the same age as your average grandparents, born in an era when the television was 'a new-fangled invention that would never catch on'... 

It is our desire to help you become as comfortable with this technology as you'd like to be, whether because:

  • You are already computer literate to a large extent but have got stuck on a particular point, or

  • You feel you have to get to grips with basic computer skills before you are cut off from the environment that most people seem to be moving into, or

  • You want to feel at home in the unbelievably liberating world they call the Internet, or

  • You would just like to be able to understand what your grandchild is talking about...

Enjoy the adventure!


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