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The Soane Award

The Honor Mission Awards

The MarineZine Awards



Awards may not be solicited from Linnet Woods Associates but are given to creators of sites considered worthy of accolade to display with public pride or keep to themselves as they wish.

We will include a link to each award site here, listed in the order in which they are granted so that you, too, may enjoy their excellence. Award winners, and only they, are very welcome to copy the appropriate image. Anyone who wishes to may link to these pages. We have provided a window-closing script so that you may have them open in a new window and avoid confusing visitors to your site. Please do not have our pages open within your website, even if you are an award winner. Thank you.

The LWA Award - 5th November 2005:James S. Huggins' Refrigerator Door
The Soane Award: As yet unallocated - judging is in progress
The Honor Mission Awards
The MarineZine Awards
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