About This Site

This site was added to the LWA group of websites in January 2006, mainly because when friends were looking for car parts online, so many of them complained that they ran into endless stumbling blocks and problems and asked me (a.k.a. The Queen of the Internet because I am online roughly 20 hours a day) to look into it and see if I couldn't unearth a decent site.

Once I found DriveWerks I decided there was no need to look any further, got in touch with the guys who run it (who turned out to be really great and helpful, as you can see from this site they helped me put together) and we struck a deal. Going through me doesn't cost you a single cent more than going direct to their site but I get credited with a small commission on purchases made by visitors who arrived via this website, on the basis that you might never have found your way there without my help. Good for them, good for me and good for you!

DriveWerks offers one of the most extensive collections of automotive products around, with competitive prices and world wide shipping. Given that my friends and visitors are scattered across the globe, this is ideal! Some of the products that I think you'll love are Zymöl car care kits, including Waxing & Cleaning Kits, Polishes & Glazes and Waxes & Applicators. Certainly one of the best brands around for car care, and that's another area in which DriveWerks excels, they only sell top brands, you won't pick up any low quality stuff by accident on DriveWerks!

Another major plus is the range of car models that they offer, which is also excellent and, as some of my nearest and dearest are avid collectors, what  I've found here is the perfect place to solve my annual birthday and Christmas present quandaries for some of my favorite men!  DriveWerks is an official distributor for Exoto Scale Models - in case you didn't already know, Exoto are makers of the finest scale models in the world, according to my fanatical collector friends - and their collection is awesome! Once you've got one, so I am reliably informed, you will be in no doubt about that claim either!

One last thing I'd like to mention about DriveWerks, is the range of custom parts they have. With their special tools, you can create a car cover for your car, in any color you want, with a range of options and then have your own slogan added to it. Pretty cool! Other custom accessories tools include Custom Car Bras, Custom Floor Mats and Custom Sun Shields. Enjoy!